VOCH ARTWORK Unique paintings inspired by experiences, feelings, and colors.

Voch, passionate for colors and  landscapes, been working in the creative field for over a decade, proudly been portraying colors, creating amazing characters for stage or a film.


I´m honored to share it with you! Also  some of my paintings are available in the best premium quality canvas prints, which gonna last for decades, enhancing your favorite or a beloved ones space.


I´m a self taught artist, and when the right time comes is like if something inside is guiding my hands to portray, experiences and emotions.

Each piece is unique and has their own story, is very rare when I use brushes, and I love to paint with anything I have around me in that moment of inspiration. 

bewilderment (2).jpg

P.S. My beautiful and beloved dogs Hachi and Hoshi, a pair of brothers I adopted about 10 years ago, my world! 

Welcome to my site!