VOCH ARTWORK Unique paintings inspired by experiences, feelings, and colors.

Veronica Ochoa, Passionate for colors and amazing landscapes, been working in the creative field for over a decade, in the amazing world of makeup, proudly can tell I been portraying colors on the skin, creating amazing characters, either for a radiant bride, or an amazing or spooky character for stage or a film! 

Each piece is unique and has their own story. 

I showed what I done to some of my closest friends and they encouraged me to show it to the world! 

In the section ¨Prints¨ you can see how all this beggins. I´m honored to share it with you in the best premium high quality canvas prints, which gonna last for decades, enhancing your favorite or a beloved ones space.

Hope you enjoy my artwork as much I do! 

After Covid-19 shutdown, all my projects got canceled, ( I guess you could imagine what all that means ) .

Someday I started to play with lines, curves, on paper, in a way to take all my stress away,  that made me forgot and relieved, the next day I came back but started to paint with anything I had it around!  It was like something inside was guiding my hands to portray my emotions, perhaps not just for Covid-19 shutdown, but also for the whole my entire life. 

P.S. My beautiful and beloved dogs Hachi and Hoshi, a pair of brothers I adopted about 10 years ago, my world! 

Welcome to my site!



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